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The Dream

Have mixing desk, have mic - good to go

You may be asking, what's the dream here? What's Adrian James Voice all about? Good question. They say we all have a talent for something. I don't know about you but I certainly took an age to recognise mine.

I've been broadcasting all my professional life. I started off as a wannabe DJ, but I couldn't sound 'up' day-to-day. If I wasn't feeling it, there was no way that the twenty-something me was going to get excited about a 'Bryan Adams giveaway weekend' or some such.

I took a piece of advice from a late night presenter on my local station. He told me that the only currency that would guarantee work in the cut-throat world of independent local radio in the UK was to train as a journalist. So that's what I did, enjoying a fantastic year at Cardiff University in 1994/5.

The aspect I loved most was the time spent in front of a microphone. I wasn't much of a 'phone basher', my short-hand skills were useless too, and forget my typing. I just loved mucking about in the studios. Honing impressions and creating radio pastiches. Anything that allowed me to manipulate sound and use my voice.

I've used my voice in so many contexts now: live sports commentary, reporting from Radio One to the World Service, and appearing on radio shows across the globe. I love the challenge of finding the right tone, pace, intonation, even accent for any given context. It's so exciting now to have the tools at my fingertips to do what I love. Voice + microphone + text + mixing desk = fun for me and great results for my clients.

I'm looking forward to working with many more in the years to come.

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