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I have a proven track-record of delivering successful and superb audiobooks for a range of authors, both fiction and non-fiction. I can work either on a royalty-share basis or Per Finished Hour. Contact me for more details and we can discuss your project.


Audiobooks are the biggest growth area in the publishing industry year-on-year, but to take advantage you need an expert narrator.

Someone who can bring your words and characters to life, and offer your listeners the best possible audio experience.

Being a great narrator is not simply a case of having a 'nice' voice. It takes a range of skills: being able to convey the meaning and emotion within the text or story, knowing how to pace the performance for the maximum enjoyment and impact on the listener, and how to deliver the best possible sound in post-production. 

Drawing on almost thirty years experience in the audio industry as both performer and producer, I can bring your project to life.