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Narrator - Voice Over - Podcaster

A versatile British male voice: engaging, natural, intimate with warmth and authority. Expert in British regional, American regional, European and Australasian accents. Ideally suited for voiceover, audiobooks, e-learning, corporate and commercial projects. 

Audiobook Narration - Fiction ReelAdrian Hobart
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VO Commerical Demo ReelAdrian Hobart
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The narrator, Adrian Hobart is fantastic. I hope he stay as the narrator for this series. I just love listening to his voice.   

Ecocat review 

I enjoyed listening to Adrian Hobart - perfect for this brilliant book.

mangankillarney review

Congratulations Adrian Hobart and Hobeck Books on an excellent and professional production. Highly recommended.

Kes reviewer

Narration was great and easy to listen to

Cryptic Fairy review

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